I AM with you

I was sobbing deeply  

when the Hand of God

reached through the ceiling 

and tickled me! 

 It took years to sink in

then begin, 

my soon to be released spiritual memoir

The past overwhelmed.

The quiet voice whispered

 ...It's not about you, it's about me.

Combing evidence of mind and paper

a  complete dismantling of the lost one

Who'd claim her Worth & Identity

Since 2014- an arduous climb 

 Dark night of soul had ran decades 

Transformation seemed impossible 

Fear silenced Truth until it didn't

Eclipse in reverse 

For anyone. 

Your new beginning is up for grabs.

Sobriety + Truth

 Joining humanity has been challenging

Exchanging Isolating and Self- medicating 

for discovering and trusting the right people  

Learning compassion


Spirit taught me gratitude 

elevates and energizes

 Sound mental health requires coming out of hiding.

Spirit to spirit lessons from the true Master, earning a degree in NLP  gave tools to select words, weave story

 and harness physiology to live in the Light.


So Much More!


Supernatural experiences are exhilarating! 

In Sicily, I heard 

 I AM with You across the ethers  

Lifelong anxiety disappeared 

Three days of perfect calm


Paper was my life raft 

 Miraculously 25 + yrs writing survived 

 dozens of moves, silent witnesses.

Living through the lens of a lie was disastrous. 

Finally, forgiveness made resentment 

and pain stop circling like vultures.

 Peace can be yours.  Good News. Yay.