Am I listening?


Spirit speaks, even in Vegas!

 This piece arrived in the Venetian Resort

I RELAX into God given empowerment and creativity you've put inside me to do 

 Divine will and fulfill Destiny!

I destroy the lie of powerlessness within me

 -upon me- around me- that has limited the flow

 of empowerment. 

The stability I've felt lacking

...lacks only in this world.

 In the realm of Spirit 

 I'm good.

Rock Solid.

Powerless is optional.

I choose power. 

I have power.

I now springboard into action

choice and discipline.

Bottom line is the need to work

No free rides

Never was

God doesn't bless idleness.

Accountability to the ONE

All Ways

Frustration is a clear indication

 of a need for change.


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Nat.... Firstly.....LOVE THAT PHRASE ON ANXIETY.....

This blog so sad to hear brings realization of things awfully prevalent in today's world as well as when it began for you. 

This makes me love and admire your bravery and commitment even more and confirms you were brought into my life to add strength and healing to my wounds similar to yours.

You are so  strong, brave and beautiful and sharing this vulnerability will turn  journeys of self loathing and doubt into journeys of self deliverance...

Journeys of healing toward our ultimate  Savior.

You truly  inspire so many little ways...your kind heart always  shines through.... 

My every thought to myself is...Be the Light. 

I think that best describes you are that to others.

 Love you my dear.

You have me...always, Nic