Am I listening?

...Spirit speaks, even in Vegas!


 This came at once in The Venetian Hotel room:

I RELAX into the God given power and creativity you've put inside me Lord; to DO your Divine will and fulfill Destiny.

I destroy the lie of powerlessness within me -upon me- around me that has limited the flow of empowerment. 

The stability which I feel is lacking, actually lacks only in this world. In the Heavenlies, I'm good. Rock Solid.

Powerless is optional.

I choose power. 

I have power.

I now springboard into action, choice

and discipline.

Bottom line is WORK.

No free rides.

Never was...

Never will be blessing & favor

Yes. God doesn't bless idleness.

Accountability to the ONE


Frustration is a clear indication of a 

need to change.

I Am With You... is what He told me. Sicily 2007


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