2019 note to self: Share your life

Time is Limited

So many signposts




Billboards clutter reality

Especially in the city

Even now, in forested isolation screen popping the uninvited

Obscuring the divinely intended

With 'its' presence instead

Prompting me to choose. No. No.

Maybe? Yes! 

Another step on my path

My life, my time...

It is limited, you know 

Reminding us, together.

There are no two steps forward

Two steps back.

Stepping back isn't optional.

The past path has disintegrated.

Like 911 dust

Trust is essential

So is obedience

Listen and like a good soldier, 

I dig this protective trench

Protecting Truth

Standing guard at attention.

Our days are numbered.

Time is limited.

Potent reminder.

Written Decemeber 2015, Nattolie Chilton