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Supernatural Honesty


After a medical procedure (2000) I lay sobbing when the Hand of God

reached through the ceiling with His 12 foot long finger

...and TICKLED ME!

Reclaiming 'me' excavating old skeletons is tough.

 Displaying life-truth; risky confusing and daunting.

Why am I doing this?


For those bloody in battle I speak of decades dark night of soul

I lacked power until I surrendered  

Transformation seemed impossible 

Fear silenced Truth.


The fact I'm alive and sane is miraculous.

 I depend on Creator's wisdom Daily.

 I'm committed to be used as a force of good

whole and empowered we add our unique spark to life’s conversation.

 I declare blessing on your soul right now, 

in Jesus name Amen. 

Sobriety and Truth Counseling

Truth brings freedom which I understand because I'm living it!

Accountability and healthy relationship were a foreign concept- isolating and medicating was how I coped.

Alone, it is difficult and scary to break free of those habits.

I have found the first step to getting healthy and whole is dealing with the  secret self who wants COMPLETE anonymity. 

 Break your silence sanity and health depends on it. Beside holding a degree in Solution Focused Counseling and Hypnotherapy I use the power of prayer.

You need not believe to benefit from it.  

A Crazy Life Story + You



Sharing Supernatural experience light me up.

I've been blessed to have audibly heard God tell me:

I AM with you.

I think many of us suffer to some degree from

 mistaken identity like the eagle raised by chickens.

Many life conditions conveyed the message:


 I was worth little.

Writing was  key to deal with emotional pain and mental illness. Miraculously 25 + yrs poetry and writings were preserved in cardboard- my silent witness

Disaster happens when we live through the lens of a lie.

Stop living a double-life and get honest. Magic happens when we get words-feelings out so they can stop circling like vultures. 

Truth and love protect us. Peace can be yours.

 I've escaped hell & you can too XO

risk being honest

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Honesty's a gift we give our self. This world needs 'you!'

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Be Brave.  Be Honest.