About Me

     After a shameful medical procedure, I lay sobbing when the Hand of God

reached through the ceiling ...and tickled me! [2000]

I felt the call Jan. 2014. Write. It's not about you, it's about me.

Overwhelming, excavating life's skeletons has been daunting.

Combing through truth and lies these past 5 years.

Why do it?

It'd be so easy to quit.

Simply put, I share my life to give hope. The hardest case can turn around. 

I write for people who've looked into eyes that gave up on them...

My dark night of soul ran decades I lacked power until total surrender.

Transformation seemed impossible. Fear silenced Truth. 

I  need wisdom from above and have committed

ALL folly and former shame to be used for good.

Whole and empowered we are a unique spark

I declare blessing on your soul right now, 

You are reading this for a reason! 

I'd love to hear your story of overcoming, let this moment be a new beginning.

Sobriety + Truth

Truth brings freedom which I'm finally living...

Accountability and healthy relationship were foreign 

Isolation and medicating- how I coped.

Alone  it's difficult and scary to break free of habits.

We need the right people to gain objectivity and compassion.

 My spiritual connection began giving thanks for anything I could thing of. A few years later, counseling school gave a safe space to reveal some of my secret self.  

The cancer of secrets loosened their grip on me. 


My sanity and health depended on risking trust and coming out of hiding. I hold a degree in Solution Focused Counseling, Guided Visualization & use storytelling,  prayer and HS Guidance.


So Much More is Possible!


Sharing Supernatural experiences light me up!

I audibly heard God say, I AM with You,  severe anxiety disappeared followed by three days of perfect calm. A miracle.

Too many suffer not knowing who they are.

Like an eagle raised by chickens.

Conditioned by turkey's who degrade and abuse. I felt like a orphan and clung to paper like a life raft. Miraculously 25 + yrs poetry -writings survived dozens of moves intact!  

My silent witnesses...

When we live through the lens of a lie, life is disastrous. When we live Truth out loud, lies and resentment stop circling like vultures. Peace can be yours. I've escaped hell. You can too XO

Risk Being Honest

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