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About Us

Vulnerability and Truth = Freedom

Walking through unmanageable life situations and working through what  felt insurmountable has been my trial by fire. Today I stand strong to share truth, tragedy and victory to encourage others through writing and other creative methods.

To whom much is given, much is required. I'm ok with that.

I believe in miracles and pray for wisdom in all I do. I brag on the amazing restoration job God accomplished in my life. (I did have to make changes, listen and be courageous...) My transformation is supernatural and I applaud friends & strangers who prayed for me, therapists and kind people along my path. My life was spared for a reason and I KNOW your life's matters. There is ONLY ONE YOU.

I DECLARE a blessing on your soul right now, in Jesus name Amen so-be-it

Seven Years Sober from a Coach who knows...

Learning how to live honestly, be accountable and maintain connection in healthy relationships is tough when you've coped through isolating and self-medicating. I received NLP training in 98-2002 WHILE still fighting my addiction. I offer coaching and prayer by phone. Getting the truth off your chest is the first step in becoming free and healthy.  I attest to the power of prayer/Divine Intervention which you need not believe to benefit from...

Writing my Memoir + You

      Sharing my truth makes my arduous journey worth everything. In past I bought lies that I was a loser. Far from it. You also are born to WIN. 

No longer want the life you're living? You can create and HAVE different. 


I've walked out of hell and can definitely support you on your journey.

 Where there's still life- there's HOPE.

Spiritual Life Support

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Unseen realms of the Spirit exert tremendous influence which lack of belief in doesn't change.

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Be Brave.  Be Honest.  Be YOU!