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Vulnerability and Truth = Freedom


Walking through unmanageable life situations and working through what  felt insurmountable was my trial by fire. Healed from my battles, I  stand strong to share truth, humor & health to show healing is possible. 

Even happiness.

The bible says, to whom much is given, much is required.

 Coming out of hiding, re:claiming 'me'  and finding courage to share the testimony of my life has been a lot of work. 

Writing my memoir is potentially humiliating because of where I've been and what I've lived but  I feel  its WORTH it all to encourage readers in the midst of messy life situations that with help from above, life can become manageable, functional & GOOD. 

The fact I'm alive is a miracle and I depend and lean on Creator's wisdom which I've always lacked.

Previously, I was what seemed a hopeless mess, yet God daily works with me and I only need to be willing to change, and courageous.

 My transformation is supernatural and I'm deeply grateful for prayers, therapists and kind people. My life was spared for a reason and I KNOW  also, your life matters, we are unique.

I DECLARE a blessing on your soul right now, in Jesus name Amen.

Seven and a Half Years Sober !!

Learning how to live honestly, be accountable and maintain connection in healthy relationships is tough when you've coped by isolating and self-medicating.

 I took  NLP training almost 20 years ago in the midst of  battling  addictions and demons. I believe getting the truth off your chest is the first step to healing. I'd recommend calling a free prayer line or go to receive  prayer at a church. I attest to the power of prayer to bring change more quickly which you need not believe in to benefit from.  

Writing my Memoir + You


      Sharing my Supernatural experiences make my  journey worth it.

 After a thorough experience of life's beat downs which conditioned me to buy the lie: You are a worthless loser 


Winning and victorious in the areas of life that matter.

If you're sick of  the life you're living, you have the

 power of choice to  pursue different.

 I've walked out of hell and so can you!

 Where there's life- there's always HOPE.


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We are truly spiritual beings have a human experience. Know this is empowering!

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Be Brave.  Be Honest.  Be YOU!